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  Alternate document versions available by request: 518.475.6065


Office of Curriculum and Instruction
1 Academy Park
Albany, NY 12207

(518) 475-6060 


Karen Bechdol, Director


A look at the new elementary report card

The City School District of Albany distributes report cards four times a year to families of elementary school students. These report cards allow the school to share each student’s achievement. In addition, they provide a basis for communicating how parents and teachers can collaborate to support student learning.

For the 2018-19 school year, the district redesigned its elementary school report card to reflect learning standards created by the New York State Education Department. The new report card informs families, students and staff about the progress each student is making toward mastering the standards.


You can learn more by:

Student teaching and the City School District of Albany

Student teaching is an important experience in the education of future teachers, and the City School District of Albany welcomes student teachers into its classrooms. Student teaching offers a bridge between college and a teaching job: Once our student teachers gain classroom experience and complete their education, they are encouraged to apply for available teaching jobs in the school district.


The district also welcomes the opportunity to work with colleges and universities to place student teachers in district classrooms with experienced teachers.


 In addition, the Office of Curriculum and Instruction provides qualified district faculty members with the opportunity to request a student teacher, and allows college students to gain observation or field-experience credits in district classrooms. 


→ Colleges and universities: Who to contact to place student teachers

All student-teaching placements are coordinated through the Office of Curriculum and Instruction. Contact Karen Bechdol at (518) 475-6060 or to discuss placement of students from your institution.


→ District faculty and staff: Looking for a student teacher?

Each fall and spring, the Office of Curriculum and Instruction asks faculty members if they would like, in the following semester, to host a college student in a student-teaching placement or observation hours. Interested faculty members should download and complete the Request for Student Teacher form, get it signed by your building principal or department supervisor, and submit it within the required timeframe. Faculty members who request a college student need to comply with certain guidelines.


→ College students: Do you need observation credits?

Download and complete this form if you're looking to earn observation or field experience credits. Complete the form and get it signed by your academic supervisor. You'll also need to obtain a letter from the student teaching office at your college or university stating your supervisor's request that you do your student teacher observation hours in the City School District of Albany. Submit the form, your resume and the letter from your college or university and submit it to the Office of Curriculum and Instruction, 1 Academy Park, Albany, NY 12207.


Partnership with New York University aimed at developing teaching force

The City School District of Albany has forged a new partnership with New York University in its ongoing efforts to develop its teaching staff to better serve all students and families.


The partnership with NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development will bring the Embedded Master of Arts in Teaching Residency Program to the district beginning with the 2017-18 school year.


NYU Steinhardt’s EMAT program will provide an opportunity for up to 15 aspiring middle and high school teachers to participate each of the next two years. The partnership expands on ongoing work NYU Steinhardt is doing with all district staff. To learn more, please visit the NYU Steinhardt website. 


City School District of Albany's prekindergarten-grade 12 program
The Prekindergarten-12 Program is designed to promote the academic and personal development of all of its students, and prepare them to become life-long learners.


The district is dedicated to preparing all of its students to meet the demands of the New York state curriculum and earn a Regents diploma, as well as inspire and encourage all students to pursue college.


Follow the links on the "Quick Links" navigational bar (right) to learn more about the district's exceptional and innovation programs and curriculum.


Did you know that Albany High School is a Capital Region leader in Advanced Placement courses, and that few high schools in New York state have more students take AP exams each year? (More)


Did you know that Albany High School is one of only three schools in the Capital Region offering the prestigious International Baccalaureate program? (More)


Did you know that Albany High School is one of only 11 schools in New York state offering the prestigious Smart Scholars/Early College High School program? (More)


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