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Albany Booster Club and Parent-Teacher Associations


Albany Booster Club

The purpose of the Albany Booster Club (ABC) is to provide financial assistance and support to all extracurricular activities associated with the City School District of Albany. ABC seeks out volunteers throughout the school year to assist in various fundraising events.


The majority of our funds are raised through athletic concession stands and 50/50 raffles. ABC is totally dependent upon parent, student and staff involvement and is looking for new members/volunteers.


Please visit the ABC website for more information or a funding request brochure.


Parent-Teacher Associations
The City School District of Albany's Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs) provide many opportunities for interested parents and teachers to exchange information and opinions about all sorts of educational and school-related issues.


These organizations sponsor programs and events throughout the year, including assemblies, cultural programs, holiday events, after-school enrichment activities, reading programs and recreational activities.


Research shows that strong home-school partnerships lead to better academic success. To get involved, contact your child's school or PTA president.


A full listing of school PTA presidents and contact information can be found below. 






PTA contacts

Albany High School PTSA

Kathryn Bamberger,

Albany School of Humanities (ASH)

Peter McDaniel, call school at (518) 475-6575 or

Arbor Hill Elementary School

Jerome Perkins at (518) 475-6634 or Shanae Lawrence at (518) 475-6628

Delaware Community School

Jen Yoxthimer, call school at (518) 475-6750 or

Eagle Point Elementary School

Leah Hoey or Nora Harrington at or

Edmund J. O'Neal Middle School of Excellence Kimberly Wallace, call school at (518) 475-6600

Giffen Memorial Elementary School

Linda Mitchell, call school at (518) 475-6650 or

Montessori Magnet School

Co-chairs Debbie Conti and Cynthia Blaker, call school at (518) 475-6675 or or

New Scotland Elementary School

Jessica Sullivan, call school at (518) 475-6775 or 

North Albany Academy

Jim Kinney, call school at (518) 475-6800 or 

Philip J. Schuyler Achievement Academy

Dawn Whitman or Tonya Venable, or (518) 475-6722

Pine Hills Elementary School

Elizabeth MacCallum, call school at (518) 475-6725 or

Sheridan Preparatory Academy

Tiffany Jeanotte, call school at (518) 475-6850 or

Stephen and Harriet Myers Middle School

Jeena Madden or Erin Tobin, call school at (518) 475-6425 or, or

Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science and Technology (TOAST)

Laurie Campbell-Beazer or LaVonna Harris, (518) 428-4652 or or

William S. Hackett Middle School

Jolyn Gallagher or Noelle Kinsch, call school at (518) 475-6475 or


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